Why Are Google Docs Templates In Latin

Exploring the Reason Behind Google Docs Templates are in Latin

One of the greatest benefits of using a cloud-based program like Google Docs is to take advantage of the templates. Google Docs has a dedicated template gallery with a format available for each document type. If you’ve used these templates earlier, have you ever thought – why are Google Docs templates in Latin?

Google Docs templates are in Latin and begin with “Lorem Ipsum,” as this language was traditionally used in the publishing industry.

Although some Google Docs users would’ve gotten acquainted with this text, you must know you can change this language. This article explains an overview of this language in the industry and the exact method to change the language on a Google Docs template. 

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Google Docs Templates In Latin: An Overview

Google Docs
Google Docs

Google Docs offers a variety of templates for users to choose from when creating documents, from resumes and CVs to business plans, meeting notes, and memos. One thing that stands out about these templates is that they are all presented in Latin – the language of Ancient Rome.

Let’s look at this from a historical perspective!

The main reason is that Latin remains one of the most consistent languages in history; it doesn’t change over time as many other languages do. So, documents written in Latin will remain comprehensible even for hundreds of years. This makes it an ideal language choice for documents that anyone who has access to them needs to be easily understood. 

In addition, using Latin as a language provides a clear professional sense to documents created in Google Docs. It gives the impression that a document has been composed with care, highlighting its importance and suggesting a level of sophistication that gives it an edge over others.

How To Change Language On A Google Doc Template

The language of a Google Docs template isn’t standardized. You can always change its language based on your requirement. 

As you begin typing, the language of the document automatically changes. However, some users might struggle to follow up with a combination of languages in the text. 

Here are a few ways to change the language on a Google Doc template. 

Method 1: Choose a language

  1. Open the template on Google Docs. 
  2. Click File -> Language. 
  3. Select one of the languages mentioned. 

The language of your document is now set. 

Method 2: Translate the document

If you think the document is in a different language and need to change it to a new one, follow the steps below. 

  1. Open the template on Google Docs. 
  2. Click Tools -> Translate Document. 
Translating document
Translating document

3. In the new dialog box, rename the translated document and choose the destination language. 

4. Click Translate. 

Translated document
Translated document

You can see that the change happens immediately. 

Explore this method to translate your document into various languages worldwide. 

Final Thoughts

Seeing “Lorem Ipsum” on placeholders in the website and general templates is common. As Latin is one of the ancient languages and is comprehensible, it has been used for templates on Google Docs. 

With the steps mentioned in this article, you can instantly change the template’s language.

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