Can You Use Apple Pencil with Google Docs

Does Google Docs Support Apple Pencil – Complete Guide

You have just opened the packaging of the renowned and exciting Apple Pencil. Everyone knows that Google Docs is an artist’s favorite application. However, you are concerned that the Apple Pencil may not be compatible. So, is it really possible to use the Apple Pencil with Google Docs?

Apple Pencil is not compatible with Google Docs. The Apple Pencil model does work on several devices and applications but not on Google Docs. The Apple Pencil model does not work with Google applications, making it incompatible to use on Google Docs. 

The Google Docs app is an innovative and easy-to-navigate application. Please keep reading to learn more about how to access all its efficient and compatible applications and how to get started with the ingenious Apple Pencil.

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Is Apple Pencil Compatible with Google Docs?

Although many users are desperate to know and understand if Apple Pencil works on Google Docs, unfortunately, using the Apple Pencil on any Google application is impossible. This is because the Apple Pencil is not made to perform with any Google applications.

Perhaps this is something that may change in the future but for now, the best action to take is to leave Google feedback on their application.

It is easy to sympathize with Apple users’ frustrations. Given Google Docs’ reputation for being a very modern and imaginative application. Although Apple Pencil is not currently compatible with Google Docs, you can make edits by doing the following:

  • Transferring, exporting, or importing the file from a Google application into an iOS document editor. This is successful as the Apple Pencil is compatible with the iOS document editor.
  • Select an IOS application that supports Apple Pencil such as Apple Notes, Notability or GoodNotes
  • Ensure the IOS application updates automatically and has been backed up to either Google Drive or Google Docs.

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What Apps Support Apple Pencil?

The Apple Pencil has transformed the lives of many creatives. With its pixel-perfect precision and unique, accessible design, it makes a superb tool for any application. The accessory is sensitive to any pressure or tilts, ensuring each piece of work is unique to the individual. The Apple Pencil is a brilliant option for taking notes, drawing and letting your imagination run wild. 

It is important to note that the Apple Pencil does not work on a mobile phone. They are only consistent with iPads. 

The five best apps to use with Apple Pencil include the following: 

  • Adobe Photoshop 
  • Apple Notes
  • Notability
  • AstroPad Standard
  • GoodNotes 5.

A particular favorite app uttered by users is the renowned Apple notes. This is because the Apple Pencil works perfectly and enables you to write, draw and do absolutely anything, all in one application.

The Apple Pencil allows you to switch tools from various types of markers, paints, pens, and pencils. There is a perfect utensil for each project. To access this, press the pencil icon located on the toolbar.

Notability is another intelligent application with an attractive price tag worth mentioning. Built for quick note-taking and user flexibility. Its display resembles that of a real pencil and paper. It also allows the user to add voice notes and transform handwriting into clear text.

Adobe Photoshop is a stable application for inspiring artists and professional creatives. Individuals praise its natural feel and faultless compatibility with the Apple Pencil. Users can switch between brushes and utensils smoothly with a rich set of features and non-destructive editing.

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Can You Write on Google Docs with Stylus?

Praised for its ability to collaborate with others. Its effortless access and the ability to share work with loved ones or colleagues without needing a Google account and promoting productivity and easy formatting, with the option to work offline from anywhere in the world.

You are probably wondering if Google Docs is as sleek and forward-thinking as everyone says it is. How do we use it? Although the Apple Pencil does not work in Google Docs. There is a selection of smart pencils which are compatible, thank goodness.

The Stylus is a firm favorite. It is a highly easy-to-use pencil, allowing creatives to explore different techniques and layouts. It also allows you to make quick edits and bring drawings to life.

Many have argued the purpose of using a Stylus. The keyboard is a solid and original piece of equipment; why change something that works so well? In this modern age, technology wants to bring something unique and special to the lives of individuals.

Using a Stylus, you can create something no one has seen before. Yes, perhaps you can change fonts on the keyboard to add a distinctive flare to your work, but the creativity stops there.

Once you have the Stylus and a new page in Google docs, you can click the ‘scribble’ tab. This is where the magic happens. You now have the option to write handwritten letters and create pictures or graphs.


It is easy to see the attraction to the Google Docs application. Being able to create beautiful documents, edit them and share them with friends or loved ones makes it a hard application to step away from. 

Although the Apple Pencil is not compatible with Google Docs, this is heartbreaking! Perhaps, this does not mean you have to leave this application altogether. There is still an option to edit documents by sharing them to an IOS app editor, which is compatible with the Apple Pencil. There are also many options for writing on the application, using different compatible pencils, including the light and stylish Stylus.

That being said, there is no need to put your Apple Pencil back in the box, as it has many brilliantly accessible applications, including the user’s favorite Apple Notes.

It is crucial to understand what you need from the tool and select a combination you feel most comfortable and satisfied with.


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