How To Make Google Docs Run Faster

The Need for Speed: Tips and Tricks to Make Google Docs Run Faster

Most users switch to a cloud-based platform like Google Docs to save computing resources and storage needs. However, it can turn frustrating if Google Docs lag and incur more time than usual. The good news is you can speed up Google Docs by following a few steps. 

To make Google Docs run faster, you can try one or more steps – a quick reboot, clearing cache, trying Google Docs on a different browser, disabling browser extensions, updating the browser, and closing other applications that are opened while using Google Docs. 

Before you implement these fixes, it’s essential to find out the exact reason so that you formulate a proper course of action. This article outlines the same. 

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Why Is Google Docs Lagging

Google Docs
Google Docs

Google Docs is a widely used application to handle various word processing requirements. The application can slow down a bit when working on a large file. On the other hand, Google Docs can sometimes lag without any specific reason. If that’s your concern, here are possible reasons for your Google Docs to lag:

  1. Too many applications or browser tabs open simultaneously. 
  2. Incompatible or outdated extensions or plugins on your browser interrupt the functioning of Google Docs. 
  3. The cache and cookies haven’t been cleared for a long time. These can pile up and affect your browser’s performance.
  4. The browser runs on an outdated version. As a result, the function can slow down, and the application can also have limited features. 

Associate each reason mentioned above to your case to determine the suitable solution for Google Docs on your system. 

6 Ways To Make Google Docs Run Faster

Fixing a lagging Google Docs isn’t rocket science. It needs simple solutions that can be attempted even by beginners. 

Here are the six ways to make Google Docs run faster. 

1. Quick Reboot

A quick reboot is an easy and simple way to make Google Docs run faster. Rebooting your computer can help clear up any background software that may be taking up a lot of resources or running in the background without you knowing it.

Rebooting also clears out any temporary memory stored in your computer, which can sometimes interfere with programs like Google Docs.

2. Clearing Cache

Clearing cache
Clearing cache

Another way to make Google Docs run faster is by clearing out your browser’s cache. The cache stores information frequently accessed by web pages or applications, such as images and scripts, so that it can be quickly recalled when needed instead of reloading from the server each time.

Over time, these files can accumulate and slow down the performance of programs like Google Docs if not cleared periodically. Therefore, it’s important to regularly clear out your browser’s cache to keep it running smoothly and efficiently when using Google Docs. 

Note: Don’t forget to also clear cookies based on the situation. 

3. Trying Google Docs on a Different Browser

Sometimes the issue isn’t with Google Docs but rather with the web browser you use to access it. Changing browsers may improve performance when using this service because different browsers are built differently, meaning they interact differently with websites and web applications like Google Docs. 

4. Disable Browser Extensions


Browser extensions are great for adding extra features and functionality to certain websites or applications; however, they can also slow down those same sites or apps if they haven’t been properly optimized for use with them yet or if too many have been enabled at once. Therefore, disabling any unnecessary extensions before opening up Google Docs may help make it run faster.

5. Update the Browser

Keeping your web browser updated is another important step in ensuring smooth operation when using services such as Google Docs; outdated versions of some browsers may be slower than current versions due to changes made over time meant to improve performance, such as bug fixes and security patches.

6. Close Other Applications That Are Opened While Using Google Docs

Closing other applications while using services such as Google Docs helps free up system resources that those other programs would otherwise use. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re a regular user of Google Docs, it’s essential to stay aware of proper usage methods to maximize the application’s and browser’s performance. Otherwise, a lagging Google Docs can slow down your browser and, eventually, affect the system. 

Perform these checks today and speed up your system!

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