Using Sections in Todoist Guide

Sections in Todoist – A Detailed Guide

A Guide to Sections in Todoist

Creating projects in Todoist can help you organize your tasks. But what about large projects that contain lots of tasks? It is easy to feel overwhelmed when viewing a project with lots of tasks in one big list. Fortunately, Todoist has released sections, which allows you to divide your tasks within a project based on categories you set up.

But how do you create a section in a Todoist project? Enclosed below is the list of steps to create a section in a Todoist project:

  1. Open your Todoist Project
  2. Click on the ellipsis ()
  3. Select “Add Section
  4. Type the name you want to assign to the section
  5. Click the “Add Section” button to create your section

The rest of this tutorial will teach you how to create sections, move them around inside your project and assign tasks to your sections.

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Now let’s get started with the tutorial!

Open Todoist to Your Project

Open up Todoist to the project that you want to add sections to. In the example we will use for this tutorial, I created a project that roughly tracks a software development project.

Click on the Ellipsis (…)

In the upper-right hand corner of the project, click on the ellipsis (…) as shown in the screenshot above to bring up the menu.

Select “Add Section”

A drop-down menu should appear. Select “Add Section” from the menu.

Give Section a Title

You should see an entry like the one above at the bottom of your project task list.

Give your new section a title by typing it into the text box as shown above and click the “Add Section” button so save your new section to your project in Todoist.

Your new section should now appear inside your project as shown above.

Next, we will move some of our existing tasks into our new section.

Moving Tasks to Sections in Todoist

Moving tasks into a section in Todoist is very simple. Hover over the task you want to add to your section and click on the double vertical ellipsis section of the task as shown above.

Click and drag on the double vertical ellipsis to drag your task down to the section you want it to appear as shown above. Release the mouse button to place your task inside the section.

Your task should now appear in the section you just created. Repeat this for your other tasks. Create a couple of more sections and drag your existing tasks into them.

Your project should now look something like the screenshot above. As you can see, I created multiple sections and assigned tasks to those sections. Now let’s learn how to quickly add a task to a section in Todoist.

Quick Adding a Task to a Section

Let’s say you are working in your inbox brain-dumping all your tasks into Todoist and realize that you have a task that you know belongs in a specific section of a specific project. Rather than leave your inbox and disrupt your flow, you can simply indicate the project and section while typing out your task.

Click “Add Task” from your inbox and type in the name of your task

As you are typing out your tasks, type # followed by the name of your project as shown above. A drop-down menu should appear with your project listed. Select it by clicking on it.

Once you have your project added, immediately after the project, type the slash key “/” as shown above to bring up the list of sections in the project you selected. Click on the section you want to add your task to.

Once you are done configuring your task, click the “Add Task” button to add your new task to the project and section you selected.

Your new task should now appear inside the section you selected.

Next, let’s cover how to duplicate a section in Todoist.

Duplicating Sections in Todoist

Let’s say you have a section that you want to duplicate. Typically this would be in a case where two different sections have some of the same tasks. Duplicating the section can save you some time.

Navigate to the section you want to duplicate. Click on the ellipsis (…) as shown above and select “Duplicate section“.

You should now see two identical sections in your project. Let’s edit the duplicate.

Click on the ellipsis (…) and select “Edit Project” as shown in the screenshot above.

Change the title of your duplicate section to what you want it to be and click “Save” to save the change.

You should now see your revised duplicate project as shown above.

Todoist Sections vs Subtasks

You might be asking yourself, what is the difference between sections and subtasks in Todoist. The main differences between sections and subtasks in Todoist are:

  • Sections are not tasks, they are organizational structures inside a project
  • Subtasks are discrete tasks required to complete a larger task

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