How to Embed Miro into Notion Step-by-Step

How to Embed Miro boards in Notion tutorial

Notion is great for lots of things but one thing it doesn’t do natively is whiteboarding and diagraming. Fortunately, Miro does this well and you can embed your Miro diagrams inside of Notion very easily.

So how do you embed Miro inside of Notion? Enclosed below are the steps required to embed Miro inside of Notion.

  1. Open up Miro to the diagram or whiteboard you want to share
  2. Click on the “Share” button
  3. Click on “no access” dropdown next to “Anyone with the link” text
  4. Select the “Can view” option from the menu
  5. Click the “Copy board link” button to copy link to clipboard
  6. Open Notion to the page where you want to embed Miro
  7. Type “/miro” and select “Miro” for the menu
  8. Paste the board link into the text box and click the “Embed Miro” button

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Let’s get started with the tutorial 😀.

Open Miro

Open up Miro to the board you want to embed into Notion. In our example, we will be embedding a mind map I created in Miro into Notion.

Click the Share Button

In the upper-right hand corner of the Miro canvas, click on the “Share” button.

Enable View Access to Board

The share menu will appear. Next to the “Anyone with the link” entry, click on the drop-down menu (it should be set to “No access” by default).

Set Board Access to Can View

From the drop-down menu, select the “Can view” option.

Click the Copy Board Link Button

Once you have enabled view access to the board, click on the “Copy board link” button to copy the link to your clipboard. We will use this link to embed the Miro board inside of Notion.

You should see a confirm board that the link has been copied to your clipboard as shown in the screenshot above.

Open Notion

Now open Notion to the page that you want to embed the Miro board into. Click in the body of the page and type “/miro“. Select “Miro” from the menu.

Paste the Miro Link

The Miro embed configuration pop-up will appear. Paste the board link you copied earlier from Miro into the text box.

Once you have pasted the link as shown above, click the “Embed Miro” button to embed the Miro board into the Notion page.

Click on the Embed window to view Miro Board

At this point, your Miro embed window should look like the screenshot above. In order to actually see your board, click on the hand icon in the middle of the embed window as shown above.

Resize Embed Window

You may want to resize the embed window. Each of the corners of the box have a resize icon. Click and drag that icon to resize the window.

Center the Board in the Embed Window

Your board may not be centered in the embed window. This is easy to fix, Simply click and hold on the board as shown above and drag it until it is centered in the embed window.

Increase/Decrease Size of Board in Embed Window

You can increase the size of the board inside of the embed window by clicking the “+” and “” buttons in the lower-right hand corner of the embed window. Adjust the board size until it fills the embed window.

Your board should appear similarly to the screenshot above.

Click the Link to Edit the Board

As the link you used to embed the Miro board in Notion is view only, if you want to make changes to your Miro board, you will need to access Miro. Fortunately, this is easy as all you have to do is click the link with the name of your board in the lower-left hand corner of the window as shown above.

Edit Board in Miro

Once you are in Miro, simply edit the board and the changes will appear in the embedded view of the board in Notion.

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you in teaching you how to embed Miro boards in Notion.

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