How To Change The Size Of Periods In Google Docs

How To Change The Size Of Periods In Google Docs – Complete Guide

Google Docs has several advanced formatting options to make your documents look better and more professional. When it comes to symbols like periods, did you know that there are advanced features to adjust their sizes and looks? Punctuations are way too crucial in articles, and you can never compromise on their look. 

There are three ways to change the size of periods in Google Docs: manually adjusting the size, using a keyboard shortcut, and with an advanced find and replace option. The advanced option helps change the size of all periods in a document in one go. 

If you’re wondering about the perfect way to change the size of periods in Google Docs, you’ve some exciting hacks here.

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3 Ways To Change The Size Of Periods In Google Docs

Changing the Size of Periods Manually in Google Docs

One of the widely used approaches to adjust the size of periods in Google Docs is to make manual adjustments. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the document in Google Docs.
  2. Choose the period from the document to resize. 
Choose period
Choose period

3. Look for the Font Size option in the formatting bar. 

4. Click “+” or “-” depending on the size you prefer for the period. 

Adjust period size
Adjust period size

That’s it. This way helps in manually adjusting one period at a time. 

The downside is that it can be difficult if you’re looking to adjust several periods as it’s time-consuming.

Adjust Size of Periods in Google Docs using Keyboard Shortcut

Keyboard shortcuts are lifesavers for most of us. It saves time and effort. Right from the time of using Microsoft Word, keyboard shortcuts have helped users in quickening their work. Google Docs isn’t an exception. 

To change the period size in Google Docs using a keyboard shortcut, follow the steps below. 

  1. Choose the period you wish to resize from the document. 
  2. Press “Ctrl+Shift+.” to increase the size and “Ctrl+Shift+-” to decrease the size. 

You can repeat the same to adjust the sizes of multiple periods (or other symbols) in the document.

Adjusting the Size of all Periods in Google Docs using Advanced Find & Replace 

Have you ever known that there are add-ons on Google Docs that can simplify complex work and get your job done in a jiffy?

To change the sizes of all periods in one go in Google Docs, follow the steps below. 

  1. Click Extensions on the menu bar.
  2. Click on Add-ons and then choose Get Add-ons. 
Create addons to Docs
Create addons to Docs

3. On the search bar, type “Advanced find and replace” and click the same from the results that appear. 

Advanced find and replace
Advanced find and replace

4. Install the add-on by following the prompts. 

Install advanced find and replace
Install advanced find and replace

5. Once it’s installed, go to the menu bar and look for Add-ons. 

6. Choose Advanced Find & Replace option from the list of options. 

Find and replace
Find and replace

7. A new dialog box opens. Type “.” in the Find input bar and select “Any Formatting.”

8. In the replace segment, type “.” and choose “Change Formatting.”

9. Alter the size of the period by choosing a number under the font size placeholder. 

Change formatting
Change formatting

10. Click Replace All at the bottom of the dialog box. 

Replace all option
Replace all option

You can see that all periods change to their new sizes instantly. 

Whether you want periods in Google Docs to look bigger or smaller, these are the options to follow. 

Final Thoughts

Regarding Google Docs, you can follow the same steps to alter the sizes of letters, numbers, and symbols. The only recommendation is to get acquainted with add-ons, and you’re good to go! 

Perhaps, this awareness about add-ons can turn you into a PRO! 

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