How To Assign Tasks In Google Docs

Efficient Collaboration: How to Assign Tasks in Google Docs and Simplify Your Workload

Did you know that Google Docs isn’t just a word-processing application but can also help you with project management? If you’re a Google Workspace user, it’s time to maximize work allocation and project management with Google Docs. Are you working as a team? Learn how to assign tasks in Google Docs and maximize your team’s collaboration. 

  1. Open a document on Google Docs. 
  2. Type @task and then press Enter. 
  3. A dialog box opens asking you to enter title of the task, assignee, and date. 
  4. Enter necessary details.
  5. Click on Assign a task. 

That’s it. The concerned person gets notified, and all tasks are coordinated in one document. If you’d like to understand this better, read this article. 

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How To Assign Tasks In Google Docs

Assigning tasks in Google Docs isn’t widely used, as most people are unaware of it. Instead of using project management applications with long learning curves, Google Docs simplifies the whole thing with its task allocation feature

To assign tasks in Google Docs, follow the steps below:

  1. Open a document on Google Docs.
  2. Type @task and then press Enter. 
Create a task
Create a task

3. A dialog box opens, asking you to enter the title of the task, assignee, and date. Enter necessary details.

4. Click on Assign a task. 

Assign a task
Assign a task

Do you want to check if you’ve done it right? Check if the task owner’s profile picture is displayed next to the task being allocated. This double-confirms the allocation. 

Is there any other way to assign a task? Perhaps, you can also create a checklist and then assign each task to a team member. However, that’s only a roundabout option. 

What Happens When You Assign A Task In Google Docs

When you assign a task in Google Docs, the concerned person gets notified by e-mail with task information. Further, tasks also get added to individual calendars, making tracking and setting reminders even easier

The best part of managing tasks lies in the option to edit tasks, set reminders, and allocate multiple persons to the same task. 


Can Non-Google Workspace Users Assign Tasks In Google Docs

Google Workspace users get the task allocation feature by default. However, non-Google workspace users can still make use of it. 

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Open a document on Google Docs.
  2. Type the task that needs to be allocated. 
  3. Next to the task, type @ and a list of people, files, and locations appear. 
Assign task to non Google workspace user
Assign task to non Google workspace user

4. Choose members from the list of people. 

That’s it. While this approach doesn’t add to Google Calendar or Tasks, this can still notify the team member about the allocation and add ease to work. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re one person worried about long learning curves, complex applications, and tiresome UI/UX designs, Google Docs is a blessing to you. Collaborate with your team in only one click and bid goodbye to those confusing applications going forward!

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