Can Studying Be a Hobby?

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When you think of studying, what comes to mind? Long days in the library, staying up and cramming for a test, right? If your memories of studying are fonder than that, maybe picking up studying as a hobby is the right move for you. Studying doesn’t always have to revolve around school or work. In fact, many people consider studying to be a fun hobby they partake in during their free time. If you like to learn, there are plenty of ways to incorporate studying into your life outside of the classroom.

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Is it Weird That I Like to Study?

To start, if you like to study, that’s not weird at all! The term study has many definitions, but they all revolve around acquiring knowledge—people who want to study like to learn, which is a good thing. Studying has a history of being portrayed as ‘nerdy’ in TV shows and movies. This stigma could lead to the negative association and thinking you’re ‘weird’ for liking it.

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Next time you’re wondering if it’s weird that you like to study, think about all the intelligent people portrayed in mainstream media who are mocked for liking to study but end up being admired by all their peers. It’s only weird if you make it weird! So, now that we’ve established that studying is NOT weird, let’s look at how we can turn studying into a hobby, and some ways to turn that passion for knowledge into some extra spending money.

Can Studying Be a Hobby?

To answer the intended question of this article, yes, studying can be a hobby. In fact, in the last year, during lockdown restrictions due to COVID–19, reading was the second most popular hobby other than watching TV and movies. Sometimes it’s nice to get away from staring at screens all day.

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Studying isn’t just sitting down with a lengthy textbook and taking notes. There are various ways to make studying a fun hobby and learn about subjects you enjoy. Online courses, videos, and podcasts are great study tools, to name a few. Just think of all the remarkable facts you’ll be able to bust out at parties once you’re a study hobbyist!

How Do I Make Studying a Hobby?

Taking studying from being strictly academic to a leisure activity is simple. There are so many ways to study that don’t involve pen and paper. Here are some tips to take your new hobby to the next level:

  1. Using a Note-taking System
  2. Take free courses online
  3. Study topics that interest you

Using a Note-taking System

Note-taking is the tried-and-true study method. It might not seem like something you want to do in your free time, but using these tips can help you step up your game and make it more interesting. Note-taking can be fun and help you remember what you’re learning.

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There are also multiple note-taking systems you could use to level up your note-taking game. Zettelkasten is an excellent system if you use Notion, RemNote, or Obsidian Notes to take notes.

Take Free Courses Online

With lockdown restrictions in place last year, people were stuck inside with nothing to do. Well-known institutions, such as Harvard University, decided to aid those craving educational stimulation and started offering free courses on various subjects. The best part about studying in your free time is that you are in total control of what you’re studying! Who knows what skills you may learn?

Study Topics that Interest You

Remember, this is supposed to be a hobby, not a chore. Choose subjects that interest you but aren’t out of your realm of capabilities. You can push yourself to learn something difficult, of course, but a hobby should never cause you any stress. If it ends up being too much, the good news is you can put a pin on that particular topic and work on something else whenever you want. There aren’t any college credits riding on your hobbies, so do what you want.

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The most important thing to remember is that it’s a hobby and doesn’t need to be forced. Sure, hobbies can sometimes be challenging, but the second you stop enjoying it, it stops being a hobby, and inevitably becomes work. However, there are ways to enjoy your hobby and turn it into a project that makes you some cash.

What Can I Do with My New Hobby?

Earn Some Extra Cash

The best part of studying as a hobby is learning new skills to apply in the real world. You may find yourself attracted to subjects that will benefit your career or start a whole new one. If you like cooking and decide to take cooking classes and study intricate recipes, perhaps becoming a chef in your future. Or your friends will love your newfound hobby so much they’ll be requesting your cooking at parties and maybe even pay you for it.

Just because it’s a hobby doesn’t mean you can’t make money off it. If you enjoy sitting down to read and take notes on new subjects, there may be a writing career in your future. Even picking up a few freelance writing gigs here and there to make use of your hobby is a great way to earn a little extra cash doing something you enjoy.

Expand Your Horizons

You can use studying as a hobby to expand on subjects you were previously interested in while in school or subjects from classes you didn’t have time to take. Since you enjoy studying enough to turn it into a hobby, there are surely topics you want to revisit. Maybe some of those free online courses can help you out with this.


To sum it up, studying is a great hobby. It is easy to incorporate into your life and do them in a variety of ways. Most people study as a hobby without even realizing it! If you like to learn, you’re probably studying in your free time.

It’s important to remember that a hobby should be FUN. If it starts to feel stressful, move on to another subject. Try to keep it enjoyable; you’ll get more out of it that way. Who knows what you might learn, happy studying!

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