Google Keep For Students – The Complete Guide

List of Notes in Google Keep

Do you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed by all your tasks as a student? It is common for students to be overwhelmed when flooded with numerous activities. Google Keep is an excellent tool for students to use that can help them organize and manage their workload effectively. The purpose of this article is to guide you on how you can use Google Keep as a student.

Google Keep is a note-taking app specially designed to manage essential tasks. There are plenty of features in Google Keep that can help support students, making it an excellent choice for those looking to stay on top of their course load.

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Let’s dig into the details and see how a student can make the most out of Google Keep!

Benefits of Using Google Keep for Students

  • It is free to use
  • It is available on all platforms
  • It has a minimal learning curve

It is free to use

Google Keep is free to use, which makes it very good for students how typically don’t have a lot of money to spend.

It is available on all platforms.

Google Keep is available on the following platforms:

  • Web
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Android
  • iOS

It has a minimal learning curve.

While Google Keep is very powerful and feature-rich, it also is very easy to use and approachable.

How to Use Google Keep as a Student?

Managing assignments and other future planning are core values of Google Keep, but there is a lot more to explore!

Time management

You can add reminders to notes in Google Keep

Keeping track of how you spend your time is an essential skill for a student. Time management is the cornerstone of productivity in life and school. Google Keep will help keep you on track with reminders and assigned tasks.

Clip Reference Resources on the Web

Using Google Keep Chrome Extension

Save your favorite websites and valuable resources with Google Keep’s bookmarking features. It helps you capture reference information from the web quickly and easily. Also, the fact that Google Keep is available on your devices and is cloud-based will allow you to access them with any device you have.

Be Reminded of Your Tasks when at Specific Locations

Location-based reminders will notify you about a specific task when you reach a particular location. The location-based reminders are a great feature from Google Keep. Now, you can set a reminder for a meeting with a professor when you reach university or set a reminder to review certain materials once you get to the campus library.

Capture ideas and concepts in real-time:

During your reading, you may come across a concept that you want to capture. So write it in Google Keep! The idea will now be in your system for review whenever you want. Access it anytime across all of your devices using Google Keep.

Take detailed notes:

Gone are the days when you note down lecture notes on paper! Instead, use Google Keep to jot down your notes. Google Keep allows you and your peers to collaborate within the notes. You can share the notes you and your classmates make with the entire class or a specific study group.

Learning Goals

The teacher utilizes the learning activity monitoring feature to motivate the student to learn and celebrate. The teacher can create learning goals within Google Keep for each particular chapter. When a student achieves the learning goal, they receive badges and appreciation. In addition to learning, this could be fun as well.

Annotation and Drawing

Drawing in Google Keep for Android

Google Keep introduced this feature to improve the learning and engagement activity of the students. You can draw your flowcharts and mind maps to learn and memorize better. The tool allows you to annotate images as well. You can capture a picture of your book and start learning with drawings.

Habit and task tracking

Being a student doesn’t allow for a lot of free time. Therefore, it is essential to be intentional with your time and to build good habits. Habit tracking will enable you to create a checklist for your daily tasks and practices, so you never miss one.

Group task management

Google Keep allows you to connect, collaborate and work on notes. You can create projects, assign tasks to your fellows, set dates, and hold them accountable for their tasks. This feature makes managing projects smooth and facilitates making your deadlines.

Voice notes:

Creating voice notes in Google Keep

Google Keep supports the ability to create voice notes. You could also use it to improve your pronunciation and fluency in any language. Simply record your reminder using your voice.

Can You Use Google Keep for Class Notes?

Yes, you can use it to take class notes. Google Keep helps you organize your tasks, notes, set reminders, and connect you with the fellow.

In addition, Google Keep allows you to collaborate with your classmates on your notes. It also has location-based reminders that notify you of your task when you reach a defined place. As a result, Google Keep is a perfect app for students to use to take class notes.

Image to Text

Another fantastic feature introduced by Google Keep is taking a picture of some notes with your phone and having Google Keep translating the text in the image into pure text. This feature is excellent if your classmate has some physical notes and you want to capture them quickly without having to copy the notes by hand physically.

Summing It Up

Google Keep assists students in quickly capturing notes and managing tasks. Google Keep is free and is available on every platform. All your notes and tasks are stored in Google’s cloud so you can access your data from anywhere that has a connection to the internet.

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