Underlining Text in Notion

How to Underline Text in Notion

When writing notes inside of Notion, there are times when you might want to underline some of the text. Underlining text in Notion is very straight-forward.

So, how do you underline text in Notion? Follow these simple steps to underline text in Notion:

  1. Open Notion to the page containing the text you will to underline.
  2. Highlight the text you want to underline
  3. Choose one of the following options to underline your text:
    1. Use the keyboard shortcuts
      1. Ctrl-U on Windows
      2. Cmd-U on Mac
    2. From the text formatting window, press the “Underline” button
  4. Your text should now be underlined

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Open Notion

Open up Notion to the page that contains the text you wish to underline.

Highlight the Text You Wish to Underline

Click and drag your mouse to select the text you wish to highlight if you are on a Mac or Windows computer. If you are on a mobile device, press and hold the text you wish to highlight to select it.

Underline the Text

As mentioned earlier, there are a couple of ways to underline text in Notion.

Underline Text in Notion using the Keyboard Shortcut

The first way, and likely the quickest, is to use the keyboard shortcut. Highlight your text and use the keyboard shortcut for your computer. Enclosed below is a table with the keyboard shortcut for each computer platform:

PlatformKeyboard Shortcut
Mac (Apple)Command – U
Windows (Microsoft)Control – U
Keyboard Shortcut to Underline Text in Notion

Underline Text in Notion using the Text Formatting Menu Button

The other way to underline text in Notion is to simply highlight the text and use the text formatting menu option. The text formatting menu appears automatically when you highlight text. Simply highlight the text and click the “underline” button as shown above.

As you can see, your text will be underlined and the underline button in the text formatting menu will be colored to indicate that the selected text is underlined.

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