a5 vs a6 planners

A5 vs A6 Planners – Everything You Need to Know!

When picking a planner to use, there are several variables you need to consider. Perhaps the biggest is what size of planner you need. This guide will compare A5 and A6 planners to give you all the information you need to pick the right one for you!

So let’s answer the main question you came here for: which planner size is best for you, a5 or a6? The answer mainly comes down to planner size and space. If portability is your main concern, a6 planners are the way to go. However, if you prioritize planning space, the a5 planner will likely work best for you.

a5 vs a6 planners

A5 vs A5 Planner Size Comparison

Enclosed below is a table comparing the sizes of a5 and a6 planners:

Planner TypeSize Dimensions (in inches)Size Dimensions (in centimeters)Total Page Area (in inches)Total Page Area (in centimeters)
A48.3 x 11.721.082 x 29.71897.11626.51
A55.8 x 8.314.732 x 21.08248.14310.58
A64.1 x 5.810.414 x 14.73223.78153.42

Is A5 or A6 Planners Bigger?

The a5 planner is approximately 50.7% larger than a6 planners.

Given the significant size difference, the a6 is more portable while the a5 provides greater planner space.


Is the A5 Planner Big Enough?

Yes. For the vast majority of your planning needs, the a5 provides more than enough space for writing information into the planner.

Is A5 or A6 Planners More Popular?

The a5 planners are generally more popular than a6 planners. The primary reason for this is that the a5 provides twice as much space as the a6 while still remaining portable.

Planners are helpful
Planners are helpful

Is A5 or A6 Planners More Expensive?

While pricing can vary, in general, a5 planners cost more than a6 planners primarily due to size and weight.

Is A5 the Same as Classic Happy Planner?

No. The paper sizes for a5 and the happy planner are different. The a5 paper measures 5.8 x 8.3 inches while the happy planner pages measure 7 x 9.25 inches.

Recommended a5 and a6 Planners

Enclosed below are our recommended a5 and a6 planners and refills:

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Does A6 Paper Fit in A5 Planners?

Planner paper
Planner paper

While a6 paper is half the size of a5 paper, a6 paper does not fit in a5 planners. The reason why is that the ring holes on a6 paper do not line up with the rings on an a5 planner. It is better to just use a5 paper in an a5 planner.

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