How to Stay Awake While Studying

Stay Awake While Studying: Strategies for Concentration

It’s hard to stay awake studying, especially when you are studying for a test or taking an exam. You may be wondering what you can do to improve concentration levels and study longer. Here are some great strategies that will help you focus!

Useful Tips for How to Stay Wake While Studying

Listed below are some strategies and tips you can use to help you stay awake while studying:

Drink some coffee or tea to help you stay awake

Coffee while studying
Coffee while studying

Just make sure that it is not caffeine-free, otherwise, this will actually put you to sleep!

Keep studying at different times of the day.

Study at different times of day
Study at different times of day

Do not study when you are sleepy because studying when tired can be very difficult and lead to poor concentration levels.

Make studying more interesting

listening to music while studying
listening to music while studying

If studying is not fun, it might be difficult to concentrate for long periods of time. Try listening to music or studying with a friend!

Take breaks when studying

Taking a break from studying
Taking a break from studying

Even if you just have ten minutes between studying sessions take that small break so your brain can reset and refocus on studying again.

Get organized

Get organized when studying
Get organized when studying

Make studying easier by planning out what you are studying in advance. This way, it will be much simpler to focus when studying each topic.

Stay hydrated

Stay Hydrated while studying
Stay Hydrated while studying

When tired, the body gets dehydrated and this can lead to poor concentration levels. Keep drinking water throughout your studying session so that you don’t get thirsty or have dry eyes.

Gamify your studying

Gamify your studying to make it more fun
Gamify your studying to make it more fun

Turn studying into a game. Give yourself points for studying, studying at different times of the day, and staying on task. This way, studying becomes more interesting!

Mix studying with active recall for variety

use active recall when studying
use active recall when studying

Studying the same material all the time can be boring and very difficult to concentrate on. Mix studying with active recall by quizzing yourself or asking questions about what you are studying!

Why do I get sleepy when I study?

sleepy while studying
sleepy while studying

It seems like it is very easy to become sleepy when we are studying. But why is that? Researchers have found that studying is mentally tiring. We are using our brains to process information, which makes it an active task. So, studying requires energy and your brain naturally wants to rest when you engage in knowledge-intensive activities. This causes the sleepy feeling we can get when studying for a prolonged amount of time.

How can I stay awake while studying?

How to stay awake while studying
How to stay awake while studying

There are several things you can do to help you stay awake while studying:

  • Get up and move around.
  • Take short breaks to do something energizing like jumping jacks, sit ups, or pushups.
  • Drink coffee (if you can tolerate caffeine).
  • Listen to loud music while studying that has a fast tempo (130+ beats per minute)

Taking these action steps when studying can help keep your energy up and the tiredness away when studying.

What to eat to stay awake while studying.


Listed below is a list of foods that are helpful to eat to stay awake while studying:

  • Coffee
  • Energy Drinks
  • Green Tea
  • Bananas
  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • Chocolate
  • Tiramisu

You need to be careful not to over-indulge as this will lead to you feeling tired as your body has to work to digest all the food you ate.

What foods should I avoid when trying to stay awake?

foods to avoid
foods to avoid

Enclosed below is a list of foods you should avoid eating if you are looking to stay awake while studying:

  • Turkey
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Cheese
  • Soybeans
  • Oats
  • Milk

These foods contain tryptophan, which can make you drowsy. The reason why foods rich in tryptophan make you tired is that tryptophan helps in the production of serotonin.

How Do I Stop Feeling Sleepy Immediately When Studying?

Sometimes you feel really sleepy while studying and need to stop feeling that way immediately so you can continue studying. Listed below are some things that can help you stop feeling sleepy immediately:

Drink a cup of coffee

But make sure you do not drink too much caffeine because it is unhealthy and can make studying more difficult as you will suffer an energy crash.

Take a short break and move around

Moving around can help get the blood flowing and you will feel more energized.

Change where you are studying/working

Changing your location can make the studying more interesting and the variety can help offset tiredness/boredom.

Light up the area where you are studying

It is very easy to be tired when you are in a dark space. Turning on some lights can help you feel more awake.

Take a nap

If the steps above do not work for getting rid of that feeling of sleepiness, then try taking a short nap instead. A quick 15-minute nap is all it takes to be back at 100%.

Remember your purpose for studying and why you need to stay awake while studying

If studying is important for your future, then it is definitely worth staying awake while studying in order to get the most out of it.

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