Which JavaScript Framework Should You Learn?

Which JavaScript Frameworks Should I Learn? The Answer Here

Choosing a JavaScript Framework

JavaScript frameworks are a collection of frequently used code libraries that help coders use pre-existing functions to build a website without having to build everything from scratch. These frameworks form the base/skeleton structure of the website.

As someone who recently started studying web development and its different facets, I listed down a few JavaScript frameworks that can be learned and used for building websites or native applications:

  • Vue.js
  • Ember.js
  • React.js
  • Angular.js

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If you are looking to learn how to use arrays to their fullest potential in JavaScript, check out our Complete Guide to Arrays in JavaScript here. It will teach you everything you need to know on creating, using, and manipulating arrays efficiently in JavaScript.

Let’s dive in and check out the different kinds of JS frameworks and their famous uses.

Which Is The Easiest JavaScript Framework To Learn?

Vue.js, besides being one of the most popular JS frameworks out there, is also the easiest one to learn. Built by an ex-Google employee, it combines the best qualities of both AngularJS and React frameworks.


People using this framework can write Single Page Applications with minimal effort and energy. Furthermore, Vue.js can be used as an end-to-end framework.

Vue.js Features

  • The framework is known to be featherweight since it weighs barely 20kb.
  • It is a high performing framework compared to its competitors.
  • Furthermore, it is easy to learn since you only need basic HTML, CSS, and Javascript knowledge to start with Vue.js, unlike other frameworks.

Moreover, Vue is supported by multiple editors such as Sublime Text, VS Code, and Atom, which are beginner-friendly editors, thus providing an increased incentive to learn Vue. To learn more about these editors, check out my article here.

If you want to learn Vue.js, I recommend the In-Depth Vue 3 for Beginnners course on SkillShare.

Which Is The Hardest JavaScript Framework To Learn?


Ember is by far the most challenging framework to learn. It’s one of the oldest frameworks for JavaScript that inspired the newer ones that took over the industry. Its architecture is complex and difficult for the coders of today to understand easily.

However, it has its share of pros that outweigh the cons, thus making it a direct competitor of AngularJS.

Ember Tutorial

Ember.js Features

  • Ember allows you to have a back button with every route you create for your website.
  • Ember is more object-oriented programming focused as opposed to being function programming focussed. This enables users to understand concepts such as classes and inheritance easily.
  • Ember also allows you to declare functions as properties. These so-called functions are then given dependent properties. Whenever the dependent properties change, changes are made to the functions. This makes the complete code much more flexible & adaptable.

If you are looking to use VS Code for JavaScript, check out our Guide to JavaScript Development in VS Code.

Which Is The Most Popular JavaScript Framework?

React.js homepage

React is the single-most popular JavaScript framework out there. It is the most widely used framework globally and is the market leader in JS frameworks. When React was released, it almost made AngularJS redundant and instantly became popular among web developers.

React.js Features

  • React JS has Virtual DOM that enables a quick and cost-efficient way of building web applications. At any point, if there are changes to the existing web app, Virtual DOM re-renders the complete user interface.
  • React JS offers JavaScript XML, which makes the syntax of HTML and React components similar. Thus, it becomes much easier for coders to develop the code while building a web app.
  • It also has the one-way data binding feature that doesn’t let developers directly modify the components. The data flow is unidirectional and makes it easy for coders to monitor it and streamline it efficiently.
  • React is SEO friendly, and organizations can leverage this feature to rank higher and gain more traffic to their websites.

If you want to learn React, I recommend the ReactJS and Redux – Build 4 Web Apps course on SkillShare.

Which Is The Most Used JavaScript Framework?

As mentioned above, React JS is the most used JavaScript framework. The primary reasons are that it makes web development a simple and efficient process, provides more control over the app and makes the structure of the code pretty flexible.

Furthermore, its features such as server-side rendering and virtual DOM enable coders to build large-scale web apps that can run at high speed with utmost efficiency.

Above and beyond this, React JS is also backed by a massive community. Developers constantly add more features to it and make it better progressively. You can easily find articles, blogs, and expert advice in case you’re stuck anywhere.

Thus, these features and qualities make ReactJS the most used JavaScript framework.

Which Is The Best JavaScript Framework?

Calling one framework the best for JS would be difficult since each framework has its pros and cons. However, it is safe to say that the top three JS frameworks out there are React JS, Vue JS, and AngularJS.

These three frameworks constantly strive to make web and native app development an easy and efficient process for coders while ensuring that the apps built are fast, flexible, and scalable. This is only possible because of its rich tools, simple architecture, and diverse range of functionalities.

A few other frameworks that are worth mentioning are Ember, Backbone, and Polymer. Though these are good in their ways, they still possess several disadvantages taken care of by the leading frameworks.

For instance, the architecture of Ember is pretty intricate and difficult for beginners to understand. This challenge is solved in Vue and React since they offer an easily understandable architecture that JavaScript programmers can instantly grasp and work with.

Which JavaScript Framework Should I Learn To Get A Job?

Once again, it is React JS that comes out on top. The demand for excellent web and native applications for mobile is at an all-time high for businesses. With React being the most widely used and popular JavaScript framework, organizations are looking for well-versed developers.

So if you’re looking to increase your chances of landing a job as a web developer or mobile app developer, look no further and start with React JS.

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