How to Add Emoji in Notion – A Step-by-Step Guide

Emojis are fun and can add some flair to your text. Notion supports the ability to add emojis to your Notion pages.

So how do you add emoji to Notion? Enclosed below are the steps to add emoji to a Notion page:

  1. Click inside the Notion page you want to add an emoji to
  2. Use the keyboard shortcut for opening the emoji tray on your computer’s operating system
    • Windows – Windows key and . (period)
    • Mac – Control, Command and the Space key
  3. Select the emoji you want from the emoji picker tray
  4. Your emoji will appear on your Notion page

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Open up Notion

Open up Notion to a page where you want to add an emoji. For the purpose of this tutorial, I have created a very simple page in Notion to demo how to add emojis to your page.

Place Cursor Where You Want the Emoji to be

Next, place your cursor where you want your emoji to go. In our example, I want to add a ❤️ emoji after the word “love”. So I placed my cursor after the word “love” as shown in the screenshot above.

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Type the Keyboard Sequence to Bring Up the Emoji Tray

Now we will add our emoji. Both Microsoft Windows and Apple MacOS support typing emojis natively. Enclosed below is a table with the keyboard shortcut to bring up the emoji picker tray:

Operating SystemEmoji Picker Keyboard Shortcut
Microsoft WindowsWindows key and . (period)
Apple MacOSControl, Command and the Space key
Keyboard Shortcuts for adding Emoji by Operating System

Use the keyboard shortcut for your operating system to bring up the emoji picker tray. In our case, we will choose the red heart (❤️) from the emoji picker for our example.

Select Your Emoji from the Emoji Picker Tray

Emoji Picker for MacOS

Select the emoji you want from the emoji picker. In our case, we will choose the red heart (❤️) from the emoji picker for our example.

You should now see your emoji on your Notion page exactly where you wanted it.

I hope this tutorial was helpful to you. Good luck and check out the rest of our articles on Notion.

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